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Parish Retreat Programs
Annual Advent Parish Retreat

Each year on one of the Advent Sundays we set aside time for spiritual enrichment. Our day includes Mass with guest preacher, lunch, discussion time.

Annual Men’s Retreat

An overnight retreat in the Fall at Xavier Center Morristown, provides the men of our parish to join with the men of St. Rose Parish for an extended time for input, prayer, discussion. This time provided new insights and spiritual deepening as Christian men dealing with the challenges of our world today.

Annual Women’s Retreat

In the Spring, the women of St. Mary’s join with the women of St. Rose Parish for an overnight retreat at Xavier Center. Time away for quiet, pryer, input and sharing brings new awareness of the role of Christian Woman in the church and in the world.

Annual Youth Retreat

The youth of our parish annually join other Archdiocesan youth at the Youth Center in Kearny for a weekend retreat. This time opens our young people to an opportunity to share spirituality with other young people. Prayer opportunities as well as community mixing brings new life and energy to our young people.